Speed AntiSpy Worm Backdoor Web Bug 1.0.74

No Image Backdoor Web Bug also blocks all known spyware, adware, keyloggers, Trojan horses, adbots, spyware cookies, spybots. Uncover hidden system resources identifying known and unknown Web Bug, RAT, Tracking Cookie, Password Cracker, System Monitor, Trackware, Keylogger, Dialers, Spies, Spy, Hijackers, Unwanted Toolbars, Dialers, Trojan Horses, Malware, Adware, Popups, BHOs, Malware, Trojans, Backdoor, Adload, Worm, Binder, Exploit, Rootkit, Joke, Viking

Backdoor Guard Firewall blocks hackers and other unknown threats.
Backdoor Guard

Backdoor Guard allows the user to setup the ports and the IP sources that are trusted as that for a LAN or a home network. Also it lets the user who has the administration privilages only to access the program by setting a password for it. Alerts that fires the alert types that you made in the system guard. The options window contains tabs which include: Startup options, Programs Monitoring Option, Schedule options & Interface option Backdoor Guard

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US-State AntiSpy Bot Backdoor Hijackers 1.0.78

US-State AntiSpy Bot Backdoor Hijackers uses robust scanning techniques and automatically scans and removes all the files and registry created by DrAntiSpy in user`s computer in seconds with a simple push of button.

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Earnhardt Detect Backdoor Spoofers 1.1.99

Earnhardt Detect Backdoor Spoofers features: System and Application Anomaly Detection learns normal usage based on an array of critical variables and untrusted activity is displayed and/or blocked before PC damage can occur.

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Earnhardt AntiSpyware RAT Joke Backdoor 1.1.50

Earnhardt AntiSpyware RAT Joke Backdoor provides the best anti-spyware protection against spyware, adware, trojan horses, auto dialers, keyloggers, spyware cookies, adbots, spybots, rootkits, browser hijackers, phishing attacks and other malware threats.

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Sky Exploit Spyware Backdoor Removal 1.1.11

Sky Exploit Spyware Backdoor Removal is a detailed system analysis tool which helps advanced users to detect and remove all types of hijackers, spyware, adware, trojans, and worms. Manage all types of Autoruns on your system, Explorer and Browser plug-ins (BHOs, Toolbars).

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Speed Adload Backdoor Zombie Blocker 1.1.33

Speed Adload Backdoor Zombie Blocker includes a redesigned engine, improved code sequence identification, incremental definition updates, one-click Web-history cleanup, multiple browser support, and other new features. Determine an access policy to protect electronic data and documents.

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